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This is a section were we can share interesting articles and links about education in general and specifically in Rhode Island, or for that matter anything else that might be helpful to other parents of school aged children.


7 Responses to “Links and Articles”

  1. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    a very informative site for all parents with boys. As a mom of two boys, I do realize that they are a different species… (in only the most loving way)
    They like their classroom 3 degrees colder than girls, they concentrate better standing up (there are enlightened schools that have standing desks for boys), and oh, the energy – THE ENERGY! Where can I plug in and download some of it???

  2. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    on classroom culture – it’s 8 pages though.

  3. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    this is really a no-brainer as any parent knows. kids need a break and they need to run, sitting still only gets you so far with an elementary child. and finally, we have smart people confirming it.

    so here is my beef: why do kids at T2 still have to ‘sit out’ at GYM class (of all classes!) when they misbehave? even worse, the entire class has to sit. At GYM! It makes no sense. Let the kid who misbehaves run a few extra laps, do a few more push-ups, whatever. Steam has to be blown off. Start the gym class with laps for 5 minutes as the kids come in, then instruct them. We do have an obesity problem in this country, don’t we?

  4. Interested Observer Says:

    everybody knows that being denied participation in something enjoyable is the first step in learning how to control his behavior. a child who misses participating in PE does not miss the opportunity to listen and observe the class while making the connection between self-control and enjoyment. i imagine this would apply to a rowdy class as well. of course, it is up to the PE teacher to make the call; if that is not what happened, i’m sure the classroom teacher has been reminded of that. all in all, probably no students were traumatized, just disappointed.

  5. Sabina Griffin Says:

    Brown University is hosting Empowering Your Future: A Science, Math, and Engineering Conference for Girls, Parents, and Accompanying Adults on Saturday, November 7th, 9:00-3:00. Registration is required and the deadline is October 30th. The cost is $5 per person (fee wavers available) Here is the website which has more info and registration information:

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