Lawrence Davenport Leaves Times2

Linda Borg  from The Providence Journal reports:

Times 2 Director Resigns After 4 Months

I really don’t know what to say.  It would be nice to get this news from the school itself, rather than the newspaper…any way, it’s not a huge surprise.


6 Responses to “Lawrence Davenport Leaves Times2”

  1. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Well, are we surprised at the “sudden” resignation of Dr. Lawrence Davenport?? Are we surprised that the Director of Finance left only to be replaced by a Board member instead of searching for a candidate with experience?

    Trust me folks, information is obviously not be sent to parents on what is going on. Shouldn’t we have heard from the school before we read it in the paper?

  2. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Amazing, Dr. Davenport’s name is still listed on the web site as Executive Director. Do you people even read your website? It is so out of date it’s an embarassement.

  3. Tootles Says:

    Everything I have read here is true. They leave the parents and the teachers “in the dark” about a lot of things. Have you heard the class size in grades 3-5 is going from 16 students to 24 students!! They are cutting one teacher per grade (3-5), and bumping up the class size to save $$.

  4. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Rumour has it that an entire, new management structure has been put in place at T2. From what I have heard there will be no ED and the management of the school will be split amoung the cirriculium director (located in Pittsburg), the Finance & Operations Director, already overworked and a player to be named later. This is just speculation from a source that has been pretty reliable. Have we, the parents, been told anything? Of course not.

  5. arude Says:

    We are not in the land of good and plenty. It is not the cuts and changes the school makes that bother me much. It is the lack of clear, up-front and honest communication from the administration that has me shaking my head. It is not just disrespectful to blind-side parents (and teachers?) with decisions heard in the news first, it is also conducive to rumors and speculations. I am naive enough to assume the school rather have a supportive parent community than one that is constantly whispering anonimously what might or might not happen. An open dialogue (…this is the situation we are in for those reasons and this is what we will have to do in the meantime to deal with it… ect) can go a long way.
    Every private company knows that outwards communication is vital to it’s brand. Times 2 Academy is no different. They need to take control of their brand and that starts with communication.

  6. doubting Thomas Says:

    Well said, Arude. The lack of communication at T2 is unacceptable. Teachers were just informed of the new management structure and yet parents still haven’t been informed. Having 1/3 of the school management in Pittsburg does not warm my heart while 1/3 hasn’t even been hired, and 1/3 is already struggling to keep up. Our children deserve better than this. The decision to no longer have an Executive Director leave the school with no authority figure or “Front Man”.

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