T2 in the news again

New Times² chief still finalist for top job at Alabama A&M
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By Linda Borg    Email this author |  Email this entry

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Lawrence Davenport, the new director of the city charter school Times² Academy is still a finalist for the presidency of Alabama A&M University, a university spokesman said Wednesday.

Jerome Saintjones, director of public relations for A&M University, said that Davenport has not removed himself from contention for the post, where he is one of three finalists.
Davenport was interviewing for the Alabama presidency two days before he began his new job in Providence. At the time, the Huntsville Times reported that several A&M trustees had no idea that Davenport had already accepted the job in Providence.

Meanwhile, Times² board of directors’ chairman Ken McDaniel said that Davenport remains the executive director of the K-12 charter school near Smith Hill, and then said, “we’re looking at the whole arrangement.” He declined to elaborate.

Davenport did not attend a recent news conference at Times² that heralded the charter’s school 100 percent graduation rate. The event drew Governor Carcieri and several high-profile education leaders.

“His focus is on development,” McDaniel said. “The leadership team is running the school.”

The team includes the principals of the elementary and secondary schools as well as the curriculum director.


7 Responses to “T2 in the news again”

  1. Doubting Thomas Says:

    The Directr of Finance has resigned, Executive Director Davenport cannot be found and the school is being run by the management team 1/3 of which is in Pittsbirg. Someone needs to start asking questions

  2. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    Doubting Thomas, are you spreading rumors to make a difficult situation more difficult or do you have insider info? I can’t confirm anything you post which leaves me questioning your motives. Please elaborate.

  3. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Perhaps you need to talk to the right people

  4. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    You know full well the ‘right’ people will not talk, but apparently neither will you beyond stirring things up and spreading rumors. At this point it is fully understandable that the right people are not talking. Who needs this? I will give you this though, Times 2 does not have a communications strategy or any kind of PR help. It would be smart to have, especially now.

  5. Doubting Thomas Says:

    What rumors have I spread?

    You can verify that Dr Jeri Thompson, is based and working out of Pittsburg, Lawrence Davenport is no longer in the State and The Director of Finance & Operations is leaving for another job.

    Stop being an ostrich and take a look around.

  6. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    And then what? Keep talking…

    btw, do you have a child at T2?

  7. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Well, are we surprised at the “sudden” resignation of Dr. Lawrence Davenport?? Are we surprised that the Director of Finance left only to be replaced by a Board member instead of searching for a candidate with experience?

    Trust me folks, information is obviously not be sent to parents on what is going on. Shouldn’t we have heard from the school before we read it in the paper?

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