Times2 Academy Student Art Night

Times2 Academy Student Art Night

Mr. DiMucci and Times2 Academy will be hosting an Art Night on Thursday, May 14th from 5PM-8PM. Artwork of students and faculty will be on display and available for purchase. Last year this was a terrific event and became a great school spirit builder. It was fun to watch students introduce their work to family and friends with pride.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jen Shea 421-2644, ppd599@aol.com

Volunteers are needed to make the event a success. Helpers are needed to set up and well as take art work down. Helpers are also needed for refreshment service.

Sr. DiMucci y Times2 Academy esarán auspiciando una noche de arte estudiantil el día Jueves, 14 Mayo de 5PM-8PM. El Arte de los estudiantes y de la facultad esterán en exhibición y disponibles para la venta. El año pasado este evento fue todo un éxito y levanto el espíritu de la escuela. Fue divertido ver a los estudiantes enseñar con orgullo su trabajo artístico a sus padres, familiars y amigos.

Si estas interasado en ayadar, , se puede comunicar con Jen Shea en 421-2644 o en ppd599@aol.com

Voluntarios son necesarios para asegurarnos que este evento sea un éxito. Necesitamos ayuda para preparer, organizer antes y depués de la exhibición. También necesitamos ayuda en el área de refrigerios.


PTO Meeting: April 29th

Times2 PTO Meeting

When: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time: 6:00PM

Where: High School Cafeteria


Welcome/ Introductions
PTO Budget Report
Upcoming Events
School Report

-Elementary News

-Middle/High School News

Refreshments will be served

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Times2 PTO Meeting

Fecha: Miércoles, Abril 29, 2009

Hora: 6:00PM

Lugar: Cafetería de la High School


Bienvenida / Introduciones
Reporte Financiero del PTO
Eventos Próximos
Reporte de la Escuela

-Noticias de la Primaria

-Noticias de la escuela Intermedia/Superior

Habra refrigerios

T2 in the news again

New Times² chief still finalist for top job at Alabama A&M
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By Linda Borg    Email this author |  Email this entry

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Lawrence Davenport, the new director of the city charter school Times² Academy is still a finalist for the presidency of Alabama A&M University, a university spokesman said Wednesday.

Jerome Saintjones, director of public relations for A&M University, said that Davenport has not removed himself from contention for the post, where he is one of three finalists.
Davenport was interviewing for the Alabama presidency two days before he began his new job in Providence. At the time, the Huntsville Times reported that several A&M trustees had no idea that Davenport had already accepted the job in Providence.

Meanwhile, Times² board of directors’ chairman Ken McDaniel said that Davenport remains the executive director of the K-12 charter school near Smith Hill, and then said, “we’re looking at the whole arrangement.” He declined to elaborate.

Davenport did not attend a recent news conference at Times² that heralded the charter’s school 100 percent graduation rate. The event drew Governor Carcieri and several high-profile education leaders.

“His focus is on development,” McDaniel said. “The leadership team is running the school.”

The team includes the principals of the elementary and secondary schools as well as the curriculum director.