Climbing Out of Nazism, News from Ohio

A friend just sent me this link.

Here is the first paragraph:

Three years ago, Justin Boyer stood alongside two cohorts and a fascist flag on the Clinton County Courthouse square sidewalk, where he occasionally gave the Nazi salute to a police officer keeping an eye on the proceedings. But today the Lynchburg resident wants the public to know people can change, even the one-time head of an Ohio Nazi group.

There is a wonderful novel by Francine Prose, A Changed Man, which offers a longer story of an older neo-nazi who transforms himself. Here is one review which I found via a quick search.  There are many more.
Does this apply to a charter school in Providence, Rhode Island?  I think so.  I am thankful to all the teachers in my life who read to me, taught me to read, inspired with their leadership, and continue to challenge me.


One Response to “Climbing Out of Nazism, News from Ohio”

  1. Astrid Held-Rude Says:

    I am not sure what that means and where the connection is to T2?

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