Message from Yadira Garcia-Lopes

Hello Everyone

Our yearbook committee is working very hard at completing a nice yearbook for Times2 Academy. Our yearbook is unique because we showcase all grades K – 12 and we need your help. Please see the letter attached for details on how you can help us with our final product. We are looking to have parents, community members and businesses help sponsor part of our yearbook. Your help will be greatly appreciated from the kindergarten students all the way up to the graduating class of 2009!

Thank you!

Yadira Garcia -Lopes

Director of Student Support Services

50 Fillmore St

Providence, RI 02908

Ph.401-272-5094 x.108

fax. 401-272-0555


Seminar Promoted by a Times2 Parent & PTO

Brenda Figueroa sent an email with this flyer.  Although two of the workshops have already passed, there is contact information:

OK,  I am somehow having trouble posting the flyer, but here’s the link to Oasis International’s Keys To Financial Empowerment Seminar

When I look at their Board of Directors, I see  several familiar names.

In case, my email is not as available as I thought:  msnomir@gmaildotcom…

This Blog Seeks Contributors!

OK, we also seek readers and commenters!

Any one with an interest in Times Square Academyis welcome to join the team.  When I type “any one” I mean that.  Are you a parent, a student, a graduate, a teacher, a member of the Board of Trustees?

Would you like a pseudonym?

Do you have an interest in education, whether about Engineering, Math, Sciences & Technology or Other?  Do you live or work in Providence, Rhode Island?  Or were you roped into this blog by Nomi, whose boundaries are very difficult to determine (there are some, really there are)…

You can  comment on this post anonymously or not.  You can send me an email or one to Astrid.

If you have a blog or website which we could link to, please let us know!
It’s a New Year!

Facebook Group for Times2 Alumnae/i

I’ve just discovered another group on facebook created by Times2 graduates.

It’s called: Times Square Academy Alumni Association

There are 67 members and, according to its wall:

there was a meeting today at noon.

The  facebook group I am a member of is *The Square*

Puppet Performance Seeks Materials

Could you please forward this email to members of the PTO. I am looking for any parents (who work in construction, etc.) to donate 2x4s and plywood so that we can build a puppet stage for the middle school students to perform with their puppets. They will be building puppets, writing scripts and learning about theatre duties through literacy and art. Their puppets will be constructed soon and I would like to start building the stage at the same time.

Here is an approximate list of what we need — of course we’ll take any kind of wood.

20- 2×4 studs
6 sheets of 4×8 foot plywood
any scraps of fabric or trim
any latex house paint leftover
pine strapping

Michael DiMucci

Technical Services Coordinator — employment opportunity at Times Squared Academy

The mission of Times2 Academy.

I think the Mission of Times 2 Academy is different and I like it even more now!  I’ve copied it from the website and emboldened it…My only question is “STEM-related fields”…I think that refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but I’m not certain.

The mission of Times2 Academy is to develop intellectually curious and capable young people who are selfless contributors to both local and global communities, and who aspire to be ethical and compassionate leaders. Through a rigorous and innovative academic program in math, science, and technology, in combination with the liberal arts, Times2 Academy affords its diverse student population those experiences, skills, and values that will prepare them for purposeful contribution in higher education and STEM-related fields.