Happy Lunar New Year!/10 Reasons Black People Love Chinese Food

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Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

So even though Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year was yesterday, it appears I am not a day late and a dollar short….Lunar New Year celebrations like any transitional celebration spans a number of days–apparently by the 8th day you have to go back to work–kinda like Passover and Sukkot (lol).  Chinese New Year goes on for some 15 days as ancestors, traditional Chinese deities, feasts, family dinners and celebrations and rituals mark the transition into a New Year.  I kind of like the idea that the New Year isn’t just a 60 second “thing,” then again Jewish New Year technically goes from Rosh Hoshanah to the end of Sukkot–that’s about 15 days into Tishrei–the seventh month (but first month of the year’s cycle).  It seems the more ancient the culture the more alike the basics seem to be.  It just seems nice that you “work” on covering…

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The 3 R’s? A Fourth Is Crucial, Too: Recess


As a parent of two boys I could’ve told you that without research. I would love to hear from a teacher on this topic.

U.S. to R.I.: Finance charter schools

3 charter schools consider ‘divorcing’ districts

Different approach to compensation

Lawrence Davenport Leaves Times2

Linda Borg  from The Providence Journal reports:

Times 2 Director Resigns After 4 Months

I really don’t know what to say.  It would be nice to get this news from the school itself, rather than the newspaper…any way, it’s not a huge surprise.

Times2 Academy Student Art Night

Times2 Academy Student Art Night

Mr. DiMucci and Times2 Academy will be hosting an Art Night on Thursday, May 14th from 5PM-8PM. Artwork of students and faculty will be on display and available for purchase. Last year this was a terrific event and became a great school spirit builder. It was fun to watch students introduce their work to family and friends with pride.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jen Shea 421-2644, ppd599@aol.com

Volunteers are needed to make the event a success. Helpers are needed to set up and well as take art work down. Helpers are also needed for refreshment service.

Sr. DiMucci y Times2 Academy esarán auspiciando una noche de arte estudiantil el día Jueves, 14 Mayo de 5PM-8PM. El Arte de los estudiantes y de la facultad esterán en exhibición y disponibles para la venta. El año pasado este evento fue todo un éxito y levanto el espíritu de la escuela. Fue divertido ver a los estudiantes enseñar con orgullo su trabajo artístico a sus padres, familiars y amigos.

Si estas interasado en ayadar, , se puede comunicar con Jen Shea en 421-2644 o en ppd599@aol.com

Voluntarios son necesarios para asegurarnos que este evento sea un éxito. Necesitamos ayuda para preparer, organizer antes y depués de la exhibición. También necesitamos ayuda en el área de refrigerios.